Monster Ceilidh Band

MCB Tatihou Pic

Amy Thatcher : Accordion maestro
Grace Smith : Teesside Fiddler
Kieran Szifris : Octave mandolin monster
David de la Haye : Dub-heavy electric bass
Joe ‘The Touch‘ Truswell : Drums / beats programmer

‘The energy is persistent, the performance uncompromising, the meld inimitable and if your feet remain still then someone has nailed your shoes to the floor.’

MONSTER CEILIDH BAND are redefining what ceilidh means by combining traditional dance forms with contemporary electronic dance music. Their powerful and uncompromising approach has brought them to the attention of many major Festivals like Cambridge and Bestival. They have been guided by bands like Shooglenifty, Martyn Bennet, and the Peatbog Faeries continuing in the fusion genre with their own take of Electronic fusion. D’nB producer the Touch works together with electronic experimentalist and bassist David de la Haye to produce an electronic augmentation of compositions that Amy, Carly and Kieran write. The result is a crucible for smelting riffs, massive chord progressions, intense electronics, folk tunes and a wide variety of styles.